Running a business

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Running a business

If you’re deciding whether growing a business is right for you, our guides can help. And we look at ways of growing such as partnerships, innovation and increased market share.

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Risk management and continuity plans

If IT equipment goes wrong or your people are ill and can’t do their jobs, what happens to your business? Find out with our risk management and continuity guide.

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Business Planning

As your business grows and changes, so should your business plan. That’s why we have created a series of templates and guides to help you structure and plan your business better.

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Benchmark business performance

Our benchmarking guides help you measure the performance of your business, both against standards and your competitors. We cover project management, performance measurement, setting targets and improving your business.

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Information technology

IT needn’t be complicated or expensive. Our guides to hardware, software and networks will help you find out what your business needs and how to choose the right system.

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Environment policy and procedures

An environmental policy can help your business to be more efficient, helping you reduce any effects on the environment and comply with legislation. Find out more with these guides.

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Premises and property

Our business and property guides contain useful information on things like where to base your business, whether to rent or buy and buying with a view to expansion.

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Records management

Stock control, staff, finances, tax – running a business means keeping records of everything. Check what you need to do with our guides to business record management.

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Close or sell a business

Closing or selling a business involves obligations to your staff, the law and HMRC. Our guide will help you take all the appropriate steps.

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Joint ventures and business partnering

Pooling resources is a good way of expanding your business. The options covered in our guides include joint ventures, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

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New ideas

New ideas can help your business grow. Our guides look at how to design, finance and protect new products and services, and how you can monitor your progress.

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Suppliers and outsourcing

Using external suppliers can save your business time and money. Our guides show you how to choose and manage suppliers, outsource business functions and build relationships.

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Coronavirus Support

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