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Rising energy costs, the climate emergency and increasing consumer pressure continue to impact businesses. Find information, resources, events and local support to help you on your journey to net zero.

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Lets do net zero

Let's Do Net Zero

The economic opportunities available to businesses in the transition to net zero are enormous. Whether you require funding to improve how you heat your building, or support in upskilling your workforce, Net Zero Scotland can help.


Zero Waste Scotland

Businesses must recognise their contribution to the climate crisis and identify changes they can make to reduce their carbon footprint and hit Net Zero. Zero Waste Scotland offers advice and resources to support businesses make greener business decisions.


Business Energy Scotland

Get free impartial support and access to funding from Business Energy Scotland to help you you save energy, save money and grow a greener business.

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Net Zero Support

Why small businesses must embrace sustainability on the path to net zero

As the world increasingly turns its attention to the urgent need for sustainability, find out what opportunities are available for small businesses.


Become a CPD-certified Green Champion

Our next CPD-certified Green Champions online training course with Business Energy Scotland is taking place on Thursday, 23rd July, 10am - 12:30pm. Join us and help your business plan ahead for a greener, low-carbon future.

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Develop your business plan

Whether you’re starting a business or already running one, our business plan guide and template will help you evolve and support your business plan.

Sustainability guide 4

An intro to sustainable web design

In this guide, we explore how your website affects your carbon footprint, what contributes to it, and what you can do to reduce it.

Sustainability guide 2

Making your current website more sustainable

If you already have a website and want to know how you can make it greener, this is the article for you. We'll look at a list of actions you can take now to make your website more sustainable.

Sustainability guide 3

Designing and building a sustainable website

Regardless of whether you are launching a brand new site, or have been managing an existing site for years, there are many ways you can reduce your website’s carbon footprint. This article will focus on the things to think about if you’re building a new website.


In conversation with S'wheat

In this episode of our Connections podcast, we speak to Amee Ritchie and Jake Elliot-Hook, who have created the world’s first reusable bottle made from plants.

Crunchy carrots 2

Take inspiration from Crunchy Carrots

A specialist digital marketing firm has achieved Net Zero status after the Founder and Managing Director received advice, support, and signposting to funding worth over £14,000.

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