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  • Thurso, Highland

    Effective Business Record Keeping

    This workshop will help you to run your business finances more efficiently

  • Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire

    How to build a website for your business (part 1)

    A practical guide to building your own website for your business.

  • Aberdeen, Aberdeen City

    Start Up Day

    This workshop aims to make you aware of the various requirements involved in setting up a business.

  • Stornoway, Western Isles

    Facebook for Business (Intermediate) – DigitalBoost

    This workshop is designed for people who want to deepen their understanding of how Facebook can be used to engage with their target audience in order to boost conversions.

  • Paisley, Renfrewshire

    Creating Killer Graphics In Canva 2.0

    Join us for a fantastic practical beginner's workshop and learn how to design simple but beautiful graphics, using FREE online tools, such as Canva 2.0.

  • Galashiels, Scottish Borders

    LinkedIn for Business (Intermediate) - DigitalBoost

    Want to boost your business with LinkedIn? We’ll take you beyond networking by showing you how it can market your products and promote your brand.

  • Perth, Perth & Kinross

    Conflict Management – Discipline and Grievance

    Every day business owners have to deal with conflict management in the workplace and this Masterclass will cover all aspects of the processes and techniques to use in the managing of poor performance.

  • Coatbridge, Lanarkshire

    Advertising and Promotion

    This workshop will give you the knowledge and skills you need to identify the best methods of promotion for your business and to produce an advertising plan to boost sales.

  • Falkirk, Falkirk

    Email Marketing (Intermediate) - DigitalBoost

    Being able to engage your customers in conversation is a key way to create sales. This workshop is ideal for people currently using email but not to its full potential.

  • Dalkeith, Midlothian

    GDPR & Keep Your Business Safe Online - DigitalBoost

    Find out the simple steps you can take to keep your business and its information safe. Safe from hackers, safe from cyber attack and safe from infringing the new General Data Protection Regulation.

  • Glasgow, Glasgow

    A Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property.

    "Intellectual property is anything from the words you write, to the designs you create, or the ideas you develop and the brand you use - and protection can include copyright, patenting or trade mark.

  • Edinburgh, Edinburgh

    Becoming an Employer

    This workshop aims to help you understand the process of employing people. It will also deal with legal obligations and point you in the direction of further assistance.

  • Falkirk, Falkirk

    Business Start-Up: Finance

    This workshop aims to give an introduction to the role of finance in business.

  • Dundee, Dundee

    Business Start-Up: Marketing

    This workshop aims to help you identify your customers, understand your competitors and plan an effective marketing strategy.

  • Musselburgh, East Lothian

    Video Production for Social Media - DigitalBoost

    Video captures people's attention online and is becoming increasingly important for engaging with potential, or real, clients.

  • Stirling, Stirling

    Business Start-Up: ICT

    This workshop aims to give you the knowledge to recognise where information technology can help you operate more effectively.

  • Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire

    Social Media - What you need to know for business

    "Social media can be a tool for driving engagement and sales. But if not handled correctly, it can waste your time, money and even damage your reputation."

  • Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

    Close More Sales

    In this workshop we will offer practical guidance in an area which seems to cause issues for people in selling mode, close the sale.

  • Shetland, Shetland

    Becoming an Employer

    This workshop will help you understand the key tasks and responsibilities involved in becoming an employer.

  • Dundee, Dundee

    Pinterest, Instagram and Photography for Business - DigitalBoost

    Find out how to use image sharing apps Pinterest and Instagram to grow your business. Learn how to shoot, process and upload photos.

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