Workshop activity during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Local workshop update: Our face to face workshops are changing to webinars in order to offer continued support to businesses across Scotland during the Coronavirus outbreak. If you are already booked onto a workshop your local office will be in touch to inform you of any changes. Thank you.

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Discover what Business Gateway is up to across Scotland’s regions and other relevant news such as the latest government funding for business.

Business Gateway Enhances Support In Face Of Coronavirus Outbreak 1200X800

Business Gateway enhances support to help businesses & self-employed survive COVID-19 crisis

Virtual appointments, online workshops and support with access to Government grants available.

31st March 2020

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Major package of support for the self-employed affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Chancellor has announced a major package of support for self-employed individuals

26th March 2020

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£1 billion Coronavirus Business Support Fund Opens

Grant support to help businesses with the Coronavirus/Covid-19 impact.

24th March 2020

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16th March 2020

Istock 656072454 Covid19 Helpline

COVID-19 helpline for Scottish businesses

Action to support the economy.

13th March 2020

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Scottish businesses back apprenticeships

Employers across Scotland have underlined the importance of apprenticeships to their businesses.

2nd March 2020


New business support website launch

The ambition for the site is to continue to add support services from across the public sector.

24th January 2020

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Business Gateway supports young entrepreneurs to help tackle rural migration

Population trends across the Highlands and Islands reveal a mixed picture of a declining rural community, while a desire for a wider range of education opportunities has led to a shortage of young people.

23rd October 2019