Human Resources

Looking after your people is a priority. Our tools show you how to manage working hours, payroll, health and safety, recruitment and training.


Our helpful recruitment guides cover a range of areas including expansion, replacing leavers, advertising versus recruiting internally, full and part-time status and contractors.

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Working hours

Find out all you need to know about working hours for your employees, including how many hours they can work, how long breaks should be, time off and working from home.

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Training helps your people do their jobs well. But should you run it in-house, or go external? Perhaps there’s a national programme, like an apprenticeship. It’s all in our guides.

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Health and safety

All businesses are legally obliged to keep employees, customers or visitors safe. So find out what you need to do with our health and safety guides.

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Paying, payroll, taxing staff

Employing people means getting the numbers right. You need to set the right rate of pay – and make the right deductions. You’ll need a pension scheme. And you’ll need to supply wage slips. Our guides can help.

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Templates for employers

Download these useful Word document templates to help you with every aspect of recruiting and employing staff.

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