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4 ways customer feedback can help you right now

For businesses that remain open during the pandemic, many are diversifying or using new channels to deliver services in different ways. They’re doing this at breakneck speed - there’s no time for months of market research and focus groups.

But to minimise the risk of wasted resources, it’s even more important to regularly gather data and feedback from customers and make best use of your digital platforms to help with this. Here’s four ways this can help you adapt.

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5 point plan for keeping in touch with customers when your business is closed

The Coronavirus lockdown has led many businesses to stop trading. Normally when businesses close, it is either forever, or a two week holiday at the most! However, this is an unprecedented situation where businesses will close with the hope of opening again in a few weeks or months.

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Using digital to reach your customers quickly in a crisis - Advice for SMES

Covid-19 is forcing everyone to work differently. If embracing digital was always ‘one of those things we’ll eventually get round to’, it will now be top of your list if your customers can’t come to you.

If you don’t have an in-house IT expert, and need to get up and running now, here’s some easy-to-use tools that are free or low cost.

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Using & reviewing digital channels during Coronavirus/COVID-19

Find out how businesses can use digital tools and channels to respond quickly and communicate with customers, staff and suppliers during this Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

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DigitalBoost Podcast

Digital skills for business owners on the go. Our free podcast series allows you to get top tips from digital experts across Scotland.

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DigitalBoost Toolkit

Download this handy pack with some of our most popular digital guides and resources.

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Digital Development Loan for SMEs

Digital touches pretty much every part of your day to day life and is something you’ve grown to rely on.

Blogging 1

Business blogging in a nutshell

Find out how blogging can help your business connect with your audience and keep them engaged.

Quick Instagram Fixes

Quick Fixes to Up Your Instagram Game

Top tips which you can use as a small business to boost your Instagram following, presence and engagement rates.

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Should my business be on Instagram?

There are over 25 million businesses using Instagram. But, is it the right platform for your business? Let's take a look...

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Objectives & results – top 5 tips from an expert

Sarah Johnson, director of growth-marketing agency IndigoLeap, discusses the top 5 rules to setting the right objectives for your digital marketing activity.

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Ecommerce 1

Understanding ecommerce – overview

Learn how to set up, manage and optimise an online store or trade in online marketplaces.

Linkedin For Business 1

LinkedIn for business

Learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to make the most of this business-orientated social network.

Creatyingh Engaging Content 1

Creating engaging content

Find out about high quality, relevant content can boost your business profile.

Twitter Hootsuite Business

Twitter and Hootsuite for business

Discover how Twitter and popular tools like Hootsuite can help you build your online presence.

Facebook For Business 1

Facebook for business

Learn how to promote and manage your business Facebook page to attract new customers.

Email Marketing 1

Email marketing – overview

Learn about the best practices of email marketing and the tools you can use to stay in touch with your customers.

Paid Advertising 1

Paid advertising guide

Learn how you can successfully use Paid Advertising platforms within your marketing mix.

Cyber Resilience 1

Cyber resilience toolkit

Learn how to make your business more cyber resilient.

Social Media Content Calendar

Social media content calendar template

Use this content calendar template to plan and manage your on-going communications effectively.

Digital Marketing Strategy 1

Digital marketing strategy

Learn more in-depth steps you can take to develop your digital strategy.

Social Media Strategy 1

Social media strategy

Learn how to build a social marketing strategy that is appropriate to your audience and achieves your business goals.

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GDPR for business

Prepare your business for GDPR with our comprehensive guide for businesses.

Video For Business 1

Video for business guide

Tips, strategies, and advice on creating video content for business.

App Development

App development guide

Find out more about app development and how an app can help your business.

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Digitise your business processes: intermediate level

Back office systems are a key part of running an effective modern business.

Digitise Your Business Processes 1

Digitise your business processes: entry level

Back office systems are a key part of running an effective modern business.

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DigitalBoost glossary

Use our handy glossary of frequently used terms to help bring you up to speed across a wide range of digital topics.

Cyber Resilience 1

Cyber resilience guide

Cyber resilience is the process of how a business responds to cyber threats. In today’s modern landscape, businesses not only need to defend from attacks – they must also plan responses to successful security breaches.

Auditing Your Digital Presence 1

Auditing your digital presence: a ‘how-to’ guide

Making sure your business’s various profiles are consistent across all the digital touch points where your current or future customers can find you is really important.

Responding To Customers Online 1

Responding to customers online

Customers are increasingly turning to social media and digital channels to feedback to businesses about their good - or bad - experiences.

Influencer Marketing 1

How to use influencer marketing to boost your business

Influencer marketing isn’t an activity exclusive to big, ‘on-trend’ organisations – it can benefit many businesses when the time is right.

Digital Upskilling 1

Digital upskilling: what, why and how

Angela Prentner-Smith, co-founder of digital transformation agency This is Milk, discusses the key steps to digital success.

Seo 1

A guide to SEO for small businesses

Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s commonly known, can go a long way towards making sure a small business is seen and heard above the competition.

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Online tutorials

Free and available 24/7, our online tutorial series offers you advice & tips on the likes of paid advertising, cyber resilience & digital marketing.

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Digital Health Check

Take five minutes to answer a few simple questions on the digital strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Workshops and Events

Our free workshops and events, run across Scotland, tackle topics from bookkeeping and social media strategy to e-commerce and exporting.

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Business Gateway has local offices all over Scotland. We’ll combine your knowledge and drive to succeed with sound business advice, access to market intelligence and our extensive network of contacts.