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Our online resources below are available to help with advice and guidance, and we have signposted where to seek help from our partners. Or contact your local office to get 1:1 advice from our advisers in your area.

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Find business support

Find advice, funding and local support to help you reduce the cost of running your business, all in one place, at Find Business Support.

Business Energy Scotland3

Business Energy Scotland

Get free impartial support and access to funding to help your business save energy, money and carbon.

Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland

Access support to become more ‘circular’ and use resources more effectively within your business.

Useful Resources

Be Your Own Boss

Working on a business plan

Whether you’re starting a business or already running one, our guide will help you evolve and support your business plan effectively.

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Quick ways to test your business idea is viable

Here we look at some of the quickest and lowest cost ways to establish whether your business idea could work.

Checklist for start ups

Checklist for start-ups – setting up your digital presence

For most startups, setting up a digital presence is a key step in getting a new business ready for launch, whether that’s a website, Facebook page, an email address or more. This checklist covers the things you are most likely to need.

Understanding cashflow

Understanding cashflow

It’s not just profit that's important to your business, you need to make sure you have enough money coming in to pay any suppliers or salaries or your business will falter. This is your cashflow and you need to manage it carefully.

Cashflow Managing your invoicing to get paid faster

Cashflow: Managing your invoicing to get paid faster

Ensuring your customers and clients pay you promptly is important for maintaining cashflow. There are a few simple but important steps you can take when you are invoicing to make this process a little smoother.

How to diversify your small business

How to diversify your small business

We focus on the ways small businesses can quickly diversify (either temporarily or more permanently) by taking a fresh look at what they do, and use it to exploit new opportunities or build greater resilience.

Risk management and continuity planning

Risk management and business continuity planning

Business continuity planning can help you minimise the potential impact of a disaster - and ideally prevent it happening in the first place.

8 tips when identifying costs

8 tips on identifying the main costs when starting a business

You’ve done your research and you know your idea has got legs. But before you decide if starting a business is for you, it’s vital that you understand the costs involved in setting up, and work out if you have the budget to cover these.

Cut your operating costs

Cut your operating costs

You may be able to improve your business' profitability and efficiency by cutting costs. Look at areas such as energy efficiency, procurement and finance facilities.

BG Ep 10 In conversation with eyebright landscape 2

In conversation with eyebright

In this episode of our Business Gateway’s Connections podcast, we speak to Jamie Newall, Managing Director of eyebright Utilities. eyebright, a utilities management firm, builds sustainable energy solutions services such as carbon reporting and green procurement guidance for businesses across Scotland.