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In this series, we explore a range of issues facing businesses such as cashflow, maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing, online security and more.


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The changing world of work: Apprenticeships and how they can support your organisation

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In this episode, we have partnered with Skills Development Scotland to talk through the importance of modern apprentices in the workplace and discuss why more Scottish businesses are continuing to invest in apprenticeship schemes.

Host Danny Gallagher, Business Gateway Highland Manager, is joined by Neil Cunningham, Employer Engagement Adviser at Skills Development Scotland; Anthony Burns, Chief Operating Officer of ACS Clothing and Radoslaw Lacki, one of ACS Clothing’s Modern Apprentices.

Skills Development Scotland highlight the support they offer businesses in finding the right apprentices and the wide variety of apprenticeship schemes that are available in Scotland. We also learn about ACS Clothing’s commitment to developing their apprenticeship scheme and explore why apprenticeships are crucial in building the careers of Scotland’s youth workforce.

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