Growing your business

At Business Gateway, we have a range of professional resources, support and tools to help you grow your business. Whether you need to learn new skills, create new opportunities or develop sustainable strategies for growth, we've something to help. Let us find the right person to help you. We have strong partnerships with a wide variety of professional organisations, so think of us as a source of support and a gateway to expertise.

Access to Business Intelligence

Businesses feed on information. That's why Business Gateway subscribe to a wide range of commercial databases. More than that, we're experts at sourcing free information from local and national government sources, industry bodies and commercial providers too, so we can help you find the data, or identify where it is for you, to help your business grow.

For our full range of the services, contact the Business Enquiry Service on 0845 609 6611 or email

Skills to enable your business to Grow

Our programme of free workshops and events is designed to help you achieve your goals. We can help you learn everything from business planning, to developing your website and marketing online.

Whatever your aims, our comprehensive range of free workshops and events is here to help.

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