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East Renfrewshire

Business Gateway East Renfrewshire provides quality, practical advice and guidance to new and existing businesses in East Renfrewshire.

Thinking of Starting a Business?

There are many ways we can help you, even if starting up still seems a way off.

Our website is a great place to begin: we offer a business plan guide to download when you’re ready, market reports as well as handy online guides and articles, video tutorials and podcasts. Take part in our webinars to hone your start-up skills – from how to handle the legal requirements to getting your market research right.

Plus use our Planning to Start tool to guide you through the essential steps of starting up. It takes just 10 minutes to complete and then we can then use the details you give us to create your action plan, complete with links to relevant information and support.

We’ll also recommend free webinars to help you hone your skills and may refer you to relevant support from our partners.

A business adviser from your local office will also get in touch to see how else we can help at this stage and signpost you to a wide range of other support across Scotland.

With our help, you could be in business sooner than you imagined.

Growing your business

Need real help to grow your business?

If you’re a business owner, stuck trying to get your business to the next level, our specialist, fully funded Business Growth Programme is here, right now, to help you.

Packed with experts from industry, from relevant business areas, we will put you in touch with someone local ready to talk to you, one-on-one, at a time to suit you, about growing your business the way you envision.

Help with every direction

Perhaps you’re ready to expand, develop a new product or reach new markets, at home or abroad? Maybe you’d like to increase sales, take on more staff, improve business efficiency or use technology more innovatively?

Whatever direction you want your business to expand, or even if it’s just a feeling you want to grow, but need advice to decide exactly how, our industry specialists can help you.

Specialist help for growth

This is not a start-up scheme, this is a specific, bespoke advice service for businesses that need help to grow. We have industry experts on hand locally, chosen for their specialist knowledge and success in a relevant business area to yours.

You can access advice in:

  • HR
  • Restructuring
  • Innovation
  • Exporting
  • Marketing
  • Any other area of business

Hear from those who’ve had the help

We’ve no shortage of success stories of those who have accessed Business Gateway, and our array of support, to develop and grow the business they dream of. From ocean plastic pots to sustainable skincare and energy consultancy, there is no boundary to the business type, or level of ambition, we can support.

Where will you take your business next?

Get in touch with your local Business Gateway office today to make an appointment on our Business Growth Programme now.

Digital Business Skills with DigitalBoost

Setting up a website is a great start, but DigitalBoost can help you to make the most of your online presence.

Tap into our free local webinars, 1:1 expert adviser support and online tools and tutorials to help you improve your digital performance. Our DigitalBoost guides have been downloaded 20,000 times and some 1,200 workshops have together attracted more than 14,000 business people.

A DigitalBoost HealthCheck can pinpoint your digital strengths, where you could do more and how we can help. Take five minutes now to fill in our form and discover how to give your business a real boost.

Redundancy support for people and businesses in Scotland

Your local Business Gateway office can offer free support to any business considering making redundancies.

Our advisers can help you look at your business challenges and then help you make the next practical steps. Along with that we can introduce you to PACE – Partnership Action for Continuing Employment.

Local Support

Business Gateway East Renfrewshire services are an integral part of East Renfrewshire Council's support to local business. The Business Gateway team work very closely with the Council's in-house economic development, business support and employability teams to ensure that local businesses and individuals looking to start up, establish and grow their business receive the best possible support. East Renfrewshire Council offers a wide range of support to help local businesses develop and grow and includes the following:

Planning To Start

Find out what support and tools are available to you by answering a few simple questions with our Planning To Start tool. Then get contact from your local office to take your business idea forward.

The Women's Business Centre

The Women’s Business Centre is a digital platform designed to support women at the pre start-up and start up stages of their business journey. Operated by Women’s Enterprise Scotland, the website is free to access and offers dedicated, needs-based content on starting and growing a business, including stories, encouragement and top tips from leading business owners across Scotland.

Supplier Development Programme (SDP)

SDP is a public sector partnership which delivers a variety of FREE tender training, via classroom style workshops working in conjunction with Local Authorities across Scotland, digitally via webinar and also provides a range of online resources connecting businesses with the Scottish public sector. Registration for SDP events is free for Scottish SMEs, and will connect your business with your local authority’s SDP Rep who can offer your business additional support.

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