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Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingE-commerceSocial Media

In this session we’re going to walk through the step-by-step process of planning, shooting and editing a video with TikTok.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingE-commerceSocial Media

Wanting to set up a Facebook business page? We will walk you through the key steps and important factors to consider

Business DevelopmentCOVID-19I.T.Remote working

Your back office and technology requirements need to be secure, scalable and cost-effective, supporting your business needs. This webinar will help you discover cloud services to achieve that.

Digital MarketingE-commerceI.T.

This webinar aims to give you the expertise necessary to make your website successful.

Bookkeeping & TaxFinanceStarting Up

This workshop aims to give an introduction to the role of finance in business.


The first of 2 webinars designed specifically to help get your business website higher up the search engine rankings, increasing visibility, web traffic, and sales.

Starting Up

This session is for Lanarkshire based, pre-start businesses only. This Intro to Business Planning webinar will help you understand what a Business Plan is & help you create on from scratch.

Starting Up

This Intro to Creating Cash Flow Projections webinar will help you to understand the need to predict cash flow in your business. This session is for Lanarkshire based, pre-start businesses only.

Bookkeeping & Tax

Completing the Self Assessment form online.

Digital MarketingE-commerceI.T.

Discover the benefits of website analytics tools including Google Analytics, Search Console & Heat Mapping, and better understand where your website visitors come from & how they behave.

Bookkeeping & TaxBusiness DevelopmentFinance

This practical bookkeeping webinar will enable you to ask questions directly and by the end of this webinar you will understand how to introduce or improve your financial record keeping system.

Starting Up

This workshop will help you create a robust business plan.

FinanceStarting Up

Find out how to register your business with HMRC, what is meant by employment status and the different classes of NI contributions

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingSocial Media

This webinar will cover key factors including why and what you are writing, for who and on which platforms to ensure your audience finds you and engages with you.

Digital MarketingE-commerce

Do you want to set up a website for your business but don’t know where to start? This webinar will guide you including whether to build your own website or outsource it.

Starting Up

This hands-no workshop is for clients in Lanarkshire that are currently in the process of applying for grants or business loans in Lanarkshire.

Starting Up

This session will provide you with the key information and tools to plan and start your own business.

Advertising & MarketingCOVID-19Growing your businessSocial Media

Get your laptop and join us for a fantastic practical beginner's workshop and learn how to design simple but beautiful graphics using Canva the FREE simple online tool.

Growing your business

Is your Social Enterprise considering tendering?Join our expert guru Judith Stewart & tendering expert from SDP to look at ways to improve your chances of winning tenders and avoid the common pitfalls

Starting Up

This workshop will help you create a robust business plan.