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This workshop will help you build your first WordPress website. This is a 2-part workshop and you MUST attend both parts.

Business DevelopmentCOVID-19Digital MarketingFinanceStarting Up

This session will provide you with the key information and tools to plan and start your own business.

Business DevelopmentCOVID-19E-commerceSales

Building your first e-Commerce website to sell your products online can be a boost to your business. This webinar will guide you through how to set up your own e-Commerce store with Shopify.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingE-commerceSocial Media

Wanting to set up a Facebook business page? We will walk you through the key steps and important factors to consider

COVID-19PR & CommunicationsSocial Media

Understanding the needs of all when producing digital content helps you to market your business inclusively. This webinar will highlight the challenges and help you to make your content accessible.

Bookkeeping & TaxGrowing your business

This workshop will give you an overview of how to put your own simple, practical bookkeeping practices in place for your business.

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Bookkeeping & TaxFinance

This webinar aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage your finances and comply with regulatory and legal requirements through a relevant bookkeeping system.

Digital MarketingE-commerce

Do you want to set up a website for your business but don’t know where to start? This webinar will guide you including whether to build your own website or outsource it.

Business DevelopmentGrowing your businessPR & Communications

This training facilitates a conversation about the importance of engaging ME businesses and looks to empower attendees to have the confidence to engage people from diverse communities.

FinanceStarting Up

This workshop will help you create a robust business plan.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingE-commerceI.T.Social Media

Join us for a practical demonstration of how you can boost your Facebook page to attract new customers and increase sales.

COVID-19Digital MarketingSocial Media

Get the most out of social media for your business by harnessing the power of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Business DevelopmentStarting Up

This workshop covers business planning/finance and marketing.

Starting Up

This workshop aims to make you aware of the various requirements involved in setting up a business.

Advertising & Marketing

Gain confidence and experience in using Canva as a marketing tool.

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Advertising & MarketingBusiness DevelopmentGrowing your business

This free workshop will tell you all you need to know about branding and beyond!

Starting Up

Create your new business by taking your hobbies, passion, skills & experience to the world of opportunities that exist.

Digital MarketingE-commerceSalesSocial Media

​With so much communication coming from and to us via social media, we need to be able to share our messages effectively and efficiently.

Digital MarketingSocial Media

Specially tailored for the small / medium business community in Scotland this is an interactive, hands-on, one-day session suitable for everyone.

COVID-19Digital MarketingSocial Media

Curious to understand how Pinterest could help you grow your business online? Then this webinar is for you!