Business Gateway Inverclyde

Business Gateway Inverclyde provides quality, practical advice and guidance to new and existing businesses in the Inverclyde area.

Whether you are an established, trading business, looking to consolidate or grow, or an individual thinking about starting a business or becoming self-employed, then Business Gateway Inverclyde has something to offer that can help make the difference to your business. Support on offer includes:

A team of business advisers with a broad range of experience and expertise who can assist those at the critical stage of start up as well as support the more established business to get a step closer to realising their full potential. Adviser meetings are either held at the Business Gateway office based at The Business Store, Greenock, or where appropriate, on client premises. Fuller details on the advisory support can be found in the Local Adviser section.

A range of workshops ranging from Business Start Up Awareness sessions covering the basics of starting up in business, to practical skills workshops, covering specific subjects such as business planning, marketing, social media for business, financial management and ecommerce. Fuller details can be found in the Events section.  Please note that when you follow the link to the Events section, you will be taken to the current list of workshops scheduled to be delivered from Inverclyde locations (mainly The Business Store), however, workshops scheduled in the Renfrewshire area are also open to all Inverclyde based businesses. To view the Renfrewshire workshops, change the location in the Events sections from Inverclyde to Renfrewshire.

The provision of information on public sector sources of business support and where appropriate, support from the Business Gateway advisory team to help you access that support.  Examples of the types of support available to Inverclyde businesses (eligibility criteria applies) includes access to finance, including loan funding, grant support, employer incentives, mentoring and networking opportunities. Further information can be found in the Business Support section.

To access any of the above support or to find out more, email us by completing the Contact Us form on the right of this page.

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