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  • Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire

    East Dunbartonshire Women in Business

    The theme for this event is "Be fabulous"

  • Edinburgh, Edinburgh

    Women into Business 1: Building a Successful Business

    This workshop will focus on developing a strong foundation on which to build your business. You will learn tools to develop confidence and manage your time effectively exploring your motivation.

  • Edinburgh, Edinburgh

    Women in Business 2: Marketing Skills

    "Following on from the previous session, this session aims to help you develop a structured approach to sales and marketing, including how to promote your business effectively.

  • Dalkeith, Midlothian

    Women into Business: Introduction

    This workshop aims to provide information on the Women into Business programme.

  • Edinburgh, Edinburgh

    Women into Business 3: Business and Personal Planning

    This workshop aims to explain why business and personal planning is essential to successful business development and growth. You will learn key business planning tools.

  • Edinburgh, Edinburgh

    Women in Business 4: Money Matters

    "The forecasting and management of cash are probably the most important activities the owner of a small business undertakes. This workshop explored financial requirments, including personal finance.