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Bookkeeping & Tax

This workshop aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage your finances and comply with regulatory and legal requirements through a relevant bookkeeping system.

COVID-19E-commerceSalesTrading Internationally

Established, trusted, and recognised platforms such as Ebay, Etsy or Amazon might be perfect to reach your next customer, but which platform to choose, and how much is it actually going to cost you?

Bookkeeping & TaxBusiness DevelopmentFinance

Cashflow is an essential tool for financial forecasting and financial management. This webinar will demonstrate how to build an effective cashflow and take control of you finances.

Bookkeeping & TaxFinanceStarting Up

This workshop aims to give an introduction to the role of finance in business.

Business DevelopmentGrowing your businessSustainability

Find out how you can adopt more sustainable practices into your business that will benefit the planet and work wonders for your brand reputation, growth, and sales.

Growing your businessNetworkingSustainability

Are you and your business prepared for the Government’s Net Zero targets? Join us for our latest networking event, to discuss the tools and support available for reducing your Carbon Footprint.

Advertising & Marketing

Join us virtually for a brand new marketing workshop – Marketing Strategy!

Digital MarketingE-commerceSalesTrading Internationally

This webinar aims to enable you to set up and manage an effective online trading presence.

Business DevelopmentStarting Up

Please note this is a 2 part webinar and you must book on to both parts.


Book an appointment with our adviser Scott Geddes to discuss any finance related questions you may have about your business.

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Bookkeeping & Tax

Find out what allowable business expenses are and how to work out your tax allowances.

Starting Up

This workshop aims to make you aware of the various requirements involved in setting up a business.

Starting Up

Meet our Community Business Advisor Donna, in Aberdeenshire! Bringing Business Gateway services to you – at this workshop, you will learn how to research your market and create a marketing plan.


Creative jobs aren’t just in front of the camera – there are a myriad of different supporting roles in the creative industries. This session highlights working behind the scenes.

Business DevelopmentCOVID-19FinanceHR & Employing People

Without a strategic approach, how do you know where your business is heading? This webinar will help you learn how to develop a strategic plan - enabling growth and greater sustainability.

Intellectual Property (IP) is protection for creativity and innovation. This session will help you to identify and protect your IP.

Digital MarketingE-commerceI.T.

This workshop aims to give you the expertise necessary to make your website successful.

Advertising & MarketingBusiness DevelopmentCOVID-19Digital MarketingE-commerceSalesSocial Media

Want to improve how you currently sell your products and services online? This session is for you.

Starting Up

Please note this is a 2 part webinar and you must book on to both parts.

Starting Up

This workshop aims to make you aware of the various requirements involved in setting up a business.