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Advertising & MarketingCOVID-19Growing your businessI.T.

Creating strong customer relationships is the cornerstone to any successful business, and a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system can help you achieve this.

Stress effects us all and especially now with the cost of living an doing business. Join us to understand stress and how to manage it.

Crisis ManagementFinance

We know times are hard and we want to support YOU! Join us for this brand new workshop to help tackle your business finances.


Winter networking event with a festive feel!


Book an appointment with our adviser Scott Geddes to discuss any finance questions you may have about your business.

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Advertising & MarketingStarting Up

This workshop aims to help you identify your customers, understand your competitors, and plan an effective marketing strategy.

Digital MarketingI.T.

This webinar aims to improve your understanding of how search engines prioritise results.

Social Media

This course takes the experienced social media user to the next level

Digital MarketingI.T.

This webinar aims to improve your understanding of how search engines prioritise results.

Bookkeeping & TaxFinanceStarting Up

This webinar is the second of a 2-part series. You will leave with an understanding of the skills you need and the actions you need to take to market and manage your business.

Business DevelopmentSustainability

Learn valuable new skills and lead the way in growing a greener, more profitable business.

Business DevelopmentCOVID-19Growing your businessHR & Employing PeopleStarting Up

This webinar will explore the essentials of HR, including hiring, interviewing, payroll, pensions, contracts, and remote working.

This workshop aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage your finances and comply with regulatory and legal requirements through a relevant bookkeeping system.

Business DevelopmentCOVID-19Growing your businessSalesStarting Up

Join us to explore the ways you can find and convert sales for your business.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingGrowing your businessNetworkingSocial Media

Learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, creating, and linking it to a company page.

COVID-19Digital Marketing

An image is everything. Learn how to shoot, edit and upload photos for use online and to showcase your business.

Digital MarketingI.T.

This workshop aims to improve your understanding of how search engines prioritise results.

Bookkeeping & TaxBusiness DevelopmentCOVID-19FinanceStarting Up

We will cover what a profit and loss account is, how to prepare one, how to keep accurate financial records, and what expenses you can/can't claim for when looking to keep your tax bill down.


The second of 2 webinars designed specifically to help get your business website higher up the search engine rankings, increasing visibility, web traffic, and sales.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingSales

This course aims to improve your selling skills, thereby increasing sales.