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Growing your businessSales

Setting the price of a product or service isn’t easy, but getting it right is essential if you are to maximise revenues while securing the volume of sales your business needs.

Advertising & MarketingDigital Marketing

Find out how Canva can help you develop marketing materials for your business.

This programme is a must for all food and drink businesses attending the Larder of the Lowlands event and other trade events.

Social Media

Learn the basics of social media analytics and a better understanding how effective your social media posting is.

Business DevelopmentGrowing your businessHR & Employing PeopleStarting Up

This webinar will explore the essentials of HR, including hiring, interviewing, payroll, pensions, contracts, and remote working.

Bookkeeping & TaxBusiness DevelopmentFinanceStarting Up

We will cover what a profit and loss account is, how to prepare one, how to keep accurate financial records, and what expenses you can/can't claim for when looking to keep your tax bill down.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingGrowing your businessSocial Media

Learn how to get the most out of ChatGPT & Google Bard with power prompting + many other AI tools that will help increase your personal productivity and business profitability.