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danceSing business twist and shout

danceSing, a business focused on the health and wellbeing of the elderly has successfully diversified services and grown its commercial offering by 50% following support from DigitalBoost, delivered by Business Gateway. 

16th May 2022

About the business

Based in Clackmannanshire, danceSing is home to the choir that keeps you fit, a singing and dance fitness community offering a range of services including singing, dance fitness, yoga, barre, ballet and Pilates sessions whilst promoting mental, physical, and social wellbeing. 

Thanks to the clear advice and direction given by the DigitalBoost team, we were able to develop a whole new offering for the business very quickly.

How Business Gateway has helped

As the pandemic heavily impacted wellbeing, founder Natalie Garry approached Business Gateway for help to strengthen danceSing’s commercial offering, adapting to online sessions, and accelerating the development of a unique wellbeing programme, which brings music and movement into care homes across the UK. 

Through DigitalBoost, Natalie was able to access a grant which funded 50% of the costs for adapting to online, danceSing On Demand sessions, which resulted in a zero percent drop-out rate in membership throughout the pandemic.    

Furthermore, with the support of Business Gateway’s specialist team, Natalie was able to launch a brand-new service, danceSing Care. This programme was created exclusively for care homes and the care community, and aims to maximise emotional, physical, creative, intellectual and spiritual stimulation through the medium of music and singing, as well as movement and fitness, underpinned by strong community support and engagement.  Natalie accessed specialist digital support though DigitalBoost, which enabled the business to design and develop a high-quality website and successfully launch danceSing Care.   

Natalie accessed a package of support through Business Gateway which also included specialist adviser support, advice on funding, connecting the business to its wider support network, including contacts at Interface, who specialise in matching businesses to Scotland’s world-leading academic experts. As well as attendance at various workshops including a strategic business development and planning seminar. 

Natalie Garry, Funder, danceSing said: “We always go back to Business Gateway as a first point of call, they are brilliant and have really helped us adapt. We have learnt to become a versatile company and Business Gateway have been fundamental in our development, they have helped to guide us, identify our vision and pinpoint where we need to go.”   

“We had always wanted to diversify into the care home sector, however as the pandemic hit the sector so terribly it became glaringly obvious that we needed to get our music and movement resources in as soon as possible. Thanks to the clear advice and direction given by the DigitalBoost team, we were able to develop a whole new offering for the business very quickly.   

“82% of danceSing members have reported a greater feeling of wellbeing and, thanks to Business Gateway, we are now in partnership with Stirling University and Balhousie Care Group, Scotland's leading provider of care for the elderly, and are also evaluating the effectiveness of our new offering, danceSing Care.”

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