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Business Gateway Edinburgh offers expert support and guidance to new and existing businesses.

Starting Up

This workshop aims to make you aware of the various requirements involved in setting up a business. First of 4 start up sessions.

Advertising & Marketing Starting Up

This workshop aims to help you identify your customers, understand your competitors, and plan an effective marketing strategy.

Starting Up

This workshop will help you create a robust business plan.

Finance Starting Up

This workshop aims to give an introduction to the role of finance in business.

Advertising & Marketing Digital Marketing E-commerce Social Media

Want to master using graphics in your business? We've got the free tool for you - Canva!

Advertising & Marketing Networking Social Media

This practical monthly session helps you write and strategise your social media posts for the month ahead.

Digital Marketing E-commerce I.T.

Develop a business website using WordPress, the world’s most popular website software.

Advertising & Marketing Digital Marketing Growing your business Remote working

Join us to explore the world of digital product creation, where we’ll delve into idea validation, hosting, sales, and marketing strategies!

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