We are releasing webinars across Scotland to help businesses through COVID-19. Search below for what is running in your region. Don’t see what you are looking for? Look at the Online Tutorial section for pre-recorded versions.

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Digital MarketingCOVID-19

Don’t let your focus on other business objectives be the reason you get hacked. Use this webinar to protect your business and customer data.

Digital MarketingE-commerceCOVID-19

Switch to selling online or learn how to do it better with this webinar on what it takes to move into ecommerce and make it a success.

Digital MarketingE-commerceCOVID-19

Need to improve the effectiveness of your current ecommerce business? This webinar will help you consider the right parameters.

Digital MarketingCOVID-19

A webinar for people currently using email marketing and who want to improve their understanding of how to boost engagement, conversion and sales. Vital during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bookkeeping & TaxFinanceCrisis ManagementCOVID-19

This webinar addresses the financial challenges faced by businesses at times of crisis and identifies the practical steps owners and managers can take to manage their finances effectively.

Digital MarketingSocial MediaCOVID-19

Want to boost your business with LinkedIn? We’ll take you beyond networking by showing you how it can market your products and promote your brand.

Digital MarketingI.T.

This webinar (previously called Website Analytics) unlocks Google analytics so you can clearly see where your website traffic is coming from and why, transforming your website’s effectiveness.