We are releasing webinars across Scotland to help businesses through COVID-19. Search below for what is running in your region. Don’t see what you are looking for? Look at the Online Tutorial section for pre-recorded versions.

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Digital MarketingCOVID-19

This webinar will help you to raise your existing search engine ranking and increase engagement in return. This is a key topic for many businesses during the Coronavirus.

Digital MarketingCOVID-19

An image is everything. Learn how to shoot, edit and upload photos for use online and to showcase your business.

Digital MarketingSocial Media

If you know the story you want to tell, are keen to embrace video but need to improve your technical and editing skills, this webinar is for you

What benefits can using a hashtag really bring to your marketing efforts? And how can we find, and benefit from speaking to the right online communities?

Bookkeeping & TaxFinanceStarting UpAdvertising & Marketing

This workshop is the second of a 2-part series.

Digital MarketingI.T.

This workshop (previously called Website Analytics) unlocks Google analytics so you can clearly see where your website traffic is coming from and why, transforming your website’s effectiveness.

Social Media

Instagram launched ‘Stories’ in 2016 following the success of Snapchat and as ever, other social platforms followed on!

Digital Marketing

While dealing with Coronavirus travel restrictions,it’s even more important to know how to interact with colleagues,clients and customers online.This tutorial gives you an insight into what’s possible

Change is inevitable - especially in the world of digital. It shouldn't take a pandemic to have businesses adapt to new technologies or social platforms - we should always be looking for opportuniti

Crisis ManagementCOVID-19

This workshop will help you identify and assess risks that can challenge your business - not just for now but for the future.

Digital MarketingBusiness DevelopmentStarting UpCOVID-19

Join us for a Q&A on Scotland’s plans to rebuild a sustainable & wellbeing economy with enhanced digital capability.