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Starting Up

This workshop aims to make you aware of the various requirements involved in setting up a business.

Starting Up

This workshop aims to make you aware of the various requirements involved in setting up a business.

Advertising & MarketingSocial Media

Want to quickly build a relevant fan base or an active email list? Want to generate sales straight away?

Bookkeeping & TaxBusiness DevelopmentFinance

This practical bookkeeping webinar will enable you to ask questions directly and by the end of this webinar you will understand how to introduce or improve your financial record keeping system.

Starting Up

An informal session where you can find out more about starting up in self-employment.

Advertising & Marketing

Learn how to tell stories that connect with your audience, build trust with clients and inspire people to action.

Starting Up

This workshop will help you create a robust business plan.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingStarting Up

This workshop aims to help you identify your customers, understand your competitors and plan an effective marketing strategy.

Business DevelopmentStarting Up

Taking time to plan your business and seek advice before you start trading is time well spent.

Digital MarketingE-commerceI.T.

Learn how to create and optimise a Google my Business profile for your business with this practical and interactive demonstration.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingE-commerceSocial Media

In this session we’re going to walk through the step-by-step process of planning, shooting and editing a video with TikTok.

Starting Up

This hands-no workshop is for clients in Lanarkshire that are currently in the process of applying for grants or business loans in Lanarkshire.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingSales

This webinar will help you create a realistic marketing plan. It is designed to improve how you market your business and increase sales.

Digital MarketingI.T.

This workshop aims to improve your understanding of how search engines prioritise results.


Book an appointment with our adviser Scott Geddes to discuss any finance questions you may have about your business.

FinanceStarting Up

Find out how to register your business with HMRC, what is meant by employment status and the different classes of NI contributions

Advertising & MarketingSocial Media

Understand the power of Tiktok and Instagram reels

Bookkeeping & TaxFinanceStarting Up

This workshop aims to give an introduction to sole traders on business expenses and how to work out your taxable profit.

Advertising & MarketingBusiness DevelopmentNetworkingStarting Up

Is your current marketing strategy delivering optimal results? Make 2023 your year, get your marketing right, and watch your business maximise its potential.

Advertising & MarketingDigital MarketingSocial Media

This webinar will cover key factors including why and what you are writing, for who and on which platforms to ensure your audience finds you and engages with you.