Netwalking - East Renfrewshire - Whitelee Wind Farm

This guided walk and opportunity to meet fellow small business owners, provides the ideal environment to reflect on and share insights into the challenges faced while enjoying the open air.

What to expect from this event

Netwalking is particularly suited to the lone “home-worker” providing a time efficient way to get active, combat isolation and gain valuable business support from peers.

Participants should allow 3 hours per walk. This will include a period of pre-brief and participant introductions, approximately 1.5-2 hours walking time with planned stops for reflections, to set questions and to mix up walking groups to encourage maximum opportunity to connect with everyone. And a period of de-brief and action planning.

As a result of engaging with netwalking, participants will:

  • Expand their business network while experiencing the mood-boosting benefits of physical activity
  • Learn from and share business insights to reduce barriers to business growth
  • Improve well-being and address feelings of isolation by connecting with others for business purposes while being physically active

By signing up to participate, attendees agree they are fit to walk.

Please come prepared for the weather!

Additional venue info:

Disabled access: N/A

Disabled facilities: N/A

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Essential Info

18th August 2022

10:00 - 13:00

Whitelee Wind Farm
Whitelee Visitor Centre
Moor Road, Eaglesham
G76 0QQ



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