Information technology

IT needn’t be complicated or expensive. Our guides to hardware, software and networks will help you find out what your business needs and how to choose the right system.


Cyber Resilience Toolkit

Technology has revolutionised small and medium sized businesses. It improves efficiency and is a channel to access a national and global base of customers.


E-commerce and selling online: the basics

E-commerce systems such as your website can help your business become more profitable and provide after-sales support to customers.


Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Implementing a customer relationship management system can improve your customer service and increase sales.


Computer software: the basics

Computer software is a key part of your IT investment and can help your business work more efficiently and lead to new ways of working.


Computer hardware: the basics

Computer hardware is the most easily identifiable part of your IT infrastructure and is one of your most important business assets.


Choose and manage your IT supplier

It’s very important to choose the right IT supplier and manage your relationship with them effectively.


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