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Family firm gets a digital boost

Falkirk-based FBS Plumbing Solutions drew on our connections to access the digital skills needed to boost its online presence.

30th November 2018

About the business

FBS Plumbing Solutions was thrilled to see its turnover rise by nearly 10% over 18 months, to a projected £1.75m at January 2018. Managing Director Alison Sime believes the growth is down to its more focused marketing strategy and greater online exposure.

Business Gateway Falkirk has helped the family business to build its online presence and use digital more confidently. The company projects its annual turnover to January 2019 will be up another 10% thanks to a new digital marketing strategy. Master of Business Administration student Akshay Singh, who interned at the firm, devised the plan to attract younger customers.

Without Business Gateway’s input we’d never have considered a digital marketing strategy or connected with Akshay. They’ve really pushed us out of our comfort zone for the benefit of the company.

How Business Gateway has helped

“When we first met our Business Gateway adviser in 2016, she highlighted the need for a website and helped us secure funding to launch ours,” says Alison.

“I then attended a range of DigitalBoost workshops, which made me realise the importance of digital marketing. As none of the staff had the skills to put in place a digital strategy, our adviser put us in touch with the management school that led us to Akshay. We then completed a digital health check, which resulted in 21 hours of one-to-one support from a specialist adviser, which has helped us up our game.”

Business Gateway support

One-to-one advice

Routes to funding

What’s next?

FBS Plumbing Solutions will continue to build its online presence to explore new routes to business growth.

“We’ve received additional support under the Expert Help part of the DigitalBoost programme to further develop our website content and create a virtual tour video,” says Alison. “These strategies have had a really positive impact on our business profile and performance.

“The next thing to do is launch an interactive brochure and investigate e-commerce to widen our reach further.”

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