Business Gateway helps Stirling energy firm tackle carbon emissions

Hydro Genie Systems, a Stirling-based energy systems firm that helps homes and businesses to reduce carbon emissions, has received valuable advice and support from Business Gateway.

In the hospitality, industry, the public sector, and at home, keeping the heating on in the colder months is essential. A warm, cosy room is expected by guests, the public and staff as they work, check-in to stay for the night or just at home. A cold building like a hotel, Bed & Breakfast or home could see the fabrics of the building suffer or quickly see its TripAdvisor ratings go down.

Yet, like in all sectors with central heating and hot water requirements they all face their own challenges to reduce carbon emissions and help tackle the climate crisis.

Hydro Genie System’s brand-new solution works with existing gas, LPG and oil heating boilers to make them much more efficient, cutting fuel consumption and emissions by up to 35% on commercial heating and up to 49% on domestic properties depending on the system installed.

Retro-fitted to the pipe work of existing boilers, the Hydro Genie System is an enhanced heat transfer modifier that works with central heating systems that burn natural fossil fuels.

Business Gateway has been working with Jim Bisset, director of Hydro Genie, since October 2019. As well as providing business planning advice, Business Gateway has supported Jim as he has presented the system to significant stakeholders including the Minister for Energy at the Scottish Government and senior officials at Stirling Council.

Business Gateway also provided Hyro Genie with sales and marketing advice, leading to an introduction to Scottish Enterprise’s Financial Readiness scheme. Together, they have developed a sales collaboration to roll out the system across the UK, in order to reduce fuel poverty, reduce carbon footprints and reduce costs for all concerned.

Alasdair Busby, business adviser at Business Gateway Stirling, commented: “Jim has been working in this field for over 30 years and is best placed to benefit from all of this public sector support in order to maximise the growth of his business, in addition to providing all of the crucial benefits to our environment.”

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