Starting a high-growth business

Pre-start technology businesses with high-growth potential may be eligible for support from the High Growth Start-up team at Scottish Enterprise. You can get help with finding funding, building your team and business planning.


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1. Overview

If you're starting a technology business with high-growth potential, you may have the option of receiving support from the High Growth Start-up team at Scottish Enterprise.

The High Growth Start-up team works with pre-start businesses across Scotland. They have very strict eligibility criteria, but if you qualify you will receive intensive hands-on support.

2. About the High Growth Start-up team

The High Growth Start-up team works with pre-start technology businesses that have the potential for accelerated growth. They typically take on 10-14 new businesses a year and can continue to work with them for up to two years, or longer in exceptional cases.

If you're eligible for assistance, the High Growth Start-up team will work with you to help you develop a fully-funded new business. During this process, they will provide support to you to create a business proposition that you can present to investors.

The High Growth Start-up team does not invest in or provide seed funding for start-up businesses.

The High Growth Start-up team offer assistance in a number of key areas, including:

  • advising on an appropriate business model
  • identifying potential funding sources
  • finalising your staff hiring plan

They may also provide matched financial contributions towards key business development costs.

If you feel that you are yet to reach a stage of high growth, you can still access start-up support from Business Gateway. You can call Business Gateway on 0300 013 4753.

3. Eligibility criteria for High Growth Start-up support

To qualify for assistance from the High Growth Start-up team, you should be starting a Scottish business that will achieve a minimum £5 million valuation within 3 years or have revenues of £5 million within 5 years.

When assessing your project, the team will consider:

  • competitive advantage
  • market size, growth rate and barriers to entry
  • channels to market
  • sales cycles
  • funding and investment needs
  • experience, expertise and ambition of founders and management team
  • intellectual asset ownership and protection
  • technology readiness level and proximity to revenues
  • market segment and export potential
  • business model and scaleability
  • key milestones
  • profit margins and overall viability

Applicants will also be invited to attend a panel interview.

If you think you meet the criteria, you can speak to your local Business Gateway office

If you're not eligible for high-growth assistance, you can still access start-up support from Business Gateway. You can call the Business Gateway Helpline on 0300 013 4753.

Read our guide Use innovation to start or grow your business.

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