What is a Social Enterprise?

This webinar will introduce you to the basics of starting and running a social enterprise.

What to expect from this webinar

Social Enterprise has seen a huge growth in the past number of years.

A growing number of businesses are seeking opportunities to start or expand ventures that fulfil their mission and provide earned revenue. A social enterprise is an organisation that achieves both.

Social enterprise offers the perfect business model for those that aspire to do some good and make that work sustainable.

This webinar will introduce you to the basics of social enterprise:

  • What is a social enterprise
  • Fundamental considerations
  • Legal considerations
  • The importance of social change and innovation
  • Profit and social change – getting the balance right
  • Creating sustainable business models
  • Sustainability
  • Networks, resources and sources of support

The webinar will benefit those wanting to start or grow a social enterprise, or those that want to improve the social impact of their existing businesses.

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26th January 2021

10:30 - 12:00



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