Sales Strategy - How to Plan for Success

Learn the key skills and knowledge needed to be able to develop a sales strategy to help you increase your sales and use sales leads to maximum effectiveness.

What to expect from this webinar

Business Gateway are pleased to be hosting a workshop aimed at helping you develop an effective sales strategy to support your business' sales goals in 2020.

Selling is at the core of any business, and most businesses are always looking to work out ways to sell more effectively. Having an effective sales strategy in place helps focus efforts in a co-ordinated and structured way, allowing monitoring and refinement.

Key Learning outcomes

  • Imparting some of the core principles and theory involved in developing your sales strategy
  • Outline the purpose and essentials to think about when creating a sales strategy
  • Plans and templates to help you write your sales strategy
  • Setting effective targets and goals
  • Skills in creating sales processes to maximise potential sales
  • Highlight potential tools that can help this process

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Essential Info

4th August 2020

09:30 - 12:30





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