Produce Your Own Video Content -Professionally- Webinar (Fife)

This enlightening workshop will show you how to present your video content professionally and how you already have the tools in your hands – literally!

What to expect from this webinar

In this workshop a broadcast industry professional will share his industry’s secrets on how to produce great quality video content using your smartphone and editing software with minimal additional investment. You can take part in a recorded interview and then watch as the piece is edited live. With these skills you can create your own content in the future.

First we’ll show you how not to do it and then we’ll share easy to practice industry standards which will make your video content stand out. This workshop will teach you the skills needed to produce basic but professional video.

What you will learn in this workshop:

- What type of project can be delivered using just a smartphone and basic editing


- Pre-production planning to ensure you deliver the right message.

- Most effective ways to tell your story.

- Common pitfalls in video production.

- Basic interviewing skills.

- Best practice in framing, lighting, audio.

- Basic additional kit advice for less than £50 investment.

- Shooting for a better edit.

- Basic editing principles.

Please note: A confirmation email including the link to join the webinar will be sent to you by email when you have booked your place. Please leave time give yourself enough time to register on the platform at the start of the session

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Essential Info

2nd November 2021

11:00 - 13:00



Business Development, Growing your business, Social Media.


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