Marketing your business on a budget

Join us on to look at how any business can market themselves with a limited budget and/or little experience. Critical right now to businesses across Scotland.

What to expect from this webinar

When budgets are tight it can be difficult to find the funds for marketing. This webinar will help you use marketing to increase customer engagement. We will offer marketing tips and advice that you can then use across your business. Without bursting the bank!

We will look at:

  • How marketing extends way beyond what most businesses consider it to be and how that provides opportunities for businesses to make transformational change with little or no extra spend.
  • Identifying Marketing Priorities and using these to reshape your business.
  • The Marketing Mix as a tool for reviewing how your business plans and delivers its marketing activity.
  • How your marketing activity is delivered successfully and effectively in your business.
  • A series of top tips including the importance of understanding your customers, the core components of a brand, the value of strong and consistent branding and the power of of a clear focus and creativity.
  • The many options available with traditional Advertising and Promotion as a way a company communicates what it does and what it can offer customers, but also looking how this has changed in a world where marketing has moved online.

This webinar will be held on GoToWebinar.

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Essential Info

29th June 2021

10:00 - 12:00

National (all regions)


Advertising & Marketing, Business Development, PR & Communications, Social Media, Starting Up.

National Webinar - Available across Scotland

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