Delivering Great Customer Service

This event aims to help clients develop a customer care plan to encourage good customer service in their business.

What to expect from this event

This workshop will explore what good customer care looks like and will include top tips on customer care over-the-phone; face-to-face and online.It will focus on what works already and what your business needs to do to create real customer loyalty.The session will equip you with an understanding of how to deliver good customer service.The importance of effectively utilising online user experience will also be addressed as well as guidance on managing online reviews.It will provide you with the necessary tools to develop an Action Plan as well as advice and support on best practice to help you succeed.

Additional venue info:

Disabled access: No - please note there is no lift access to 1st floor. Please phone 0141 530 2406 for info

Disabled facilities: Not on 1st floor

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Essential Info

22nd November 2023

13:30 - 16:30

In Person

InCube (1st Floor)
27 High Street
1st Floor


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