Learning Zone: How to grow your team

A 15 minute overview of the topic and then the rest is left for a Q&A session. Here we’ll explore your most important asset, your people, and how you can put strategies in place to ensure you recruit

What to expect from this webinar

Do not underestimate your resources or the people that work for you. When recruiting someone, make sure you have a strategy in place on how you will approach the interview and invest the time in gaining the right candidate for your position. It’s also up to you to develop your staff and therefore, the more you improve their learning and development, the greater asset to your business they will become.

Topics covered:

  • Know your brand and culture – showcase your people
  • The candidate experiences
  • People-centric – learning and development

This webinar will be held on GoToMeeting.

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Essential Info

30th August 2022

17:00 - 18:00

National (all regions)


Business Development.

National Webinar - available to everyone across Scotland

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