Keywords - What they are, how to find them and when to use them

This webinar will simplify all the ‘tech talk’ and show you which types of ‘Keywords’ you should use and when, to really maximise your Search Engine Optimisation efforts

What to expect from this webinar

Everywhere you turn, digital marketers are talking about the importance of keywords and although most of us are aware of the importance that keyword research plays in Search Engine Optimisation, not many of us are aware of how to identify the right keywords that will bring in the right traffic.

There are 9 types of keywords and different types should be used to target different audiences at each stage of the customer journey, in order to reach a broader range of people and increase your chances of securing a customer.

You will leave with an understanding of:

1 The 9 different types of keywords, what they are and when to use them.

2 We will look how to use both paid and free keyword research tools including:

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Google Suggest and Search Engine Results Pages for long tail keywords
  • How to Analyse Local Competitor Websites
  • Questions People Ask3 Which keywords are more competitive and why.4 Where to put your keywords and how many to use.5 How to write your content based around the keywords you choose.6 How to identify the keywords that your site is already ranking for and how to get quick wins to increase search traffic.7 How to measure your keyword optimisation efforts.8 The cost of keywords should you choose to advertise.

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Essential Info

12th January 2022

14:00 - 16:00



Advertising & Marketing, Digital Marketing.


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