Keep your business safe online

Online threats are always changing and staying on top of them is vital. This webinar will help you to stay safe online and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime.

What to expect from this webinar

Join us to find out how criminals are targeting small businesses online, the risks you face, and what you can do to minimise your exposure to online crime.

This webinar includes a number of live demos, covering the following areas:

  • What are the main online threats to your business?
  • The 5 pillars of prevention (Backup, Malware prevention, Securing your hardware, Passwords & Phishing attacks)
  • Simple and practical measures you can implement to protect yourself and your business
  • Best practice recovery steps for your business if the worst should happen

As a result of attending this webinar, you will gain a deeper understanding of the digital threats facing your business and what you need to do to secure your website, social media and company data from cyber criminals.

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Essential Info

11th March 2024

10:00 - 12:00

National (all regions)


National Webinar - Available across Scotland

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