How to Win New Business from New Customers: Diversification Explained

If you want to expand, grow or re-focus your business this year, this webinar will provide the theory and practice you need to start off on the right track.

What to expect from this webinar

Whether you’re getting ready to grow; re-launching after a temporary closure or even just starting out, you'll learn how to identify the best opportunities and avoid the major pitfalls of diversification. Learn how to develop or sense-check your product and service portfolio to make sure that it’s ready to hit all the right notes with your current or prospective customers, and gain a working understanding of tried-and-tested practical product or service design processes that will guide you through your next phase of business growth.

Learning outcomes

Understand the theory and practice of winning new business from new customers

Learn how to understand what products or services your ideal customers really want from you

Gain an overview of tried-and-tested product and service design process … and the pitfalls along the way

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Essential Info

18th January 2021

10:00 - 11:30

West Dunbartonshire


Advertising & Marketing.


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