Digital analytics for beginners

We are all aware of the important of digital marketing for business, but how do we know it’s working ?

What to expect from this webinar

Our digital analytics for beginners will explain how to use in-platform social media analytics, along with Google Analytics to evaluate how people are finding you and what they do once they have found you, helping you establish what campaigns and content are working and also giving you a better insight into your audiences.

What will I learn on the digital analytics for beginners webinar ?

  • Setting up Google Analytics correctly to work for you
  • Understanding the main GA metrics / reports - acquisition, behaviour and conversion
  • Setting up the dashboard and report automation
  • Setting notes to track events
  • Tracking the success of social media campaigns using in-platform analytics in Facebook and Instagram
  • Using the information gathered via analytics to build a better understanding of your audience

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Essential Info

18th May 2021

10:00 - 11:00

East Dunbartonshire


Digital Marketing.


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