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Customer Persona: How to identify the tools that will help you uncover insights about the people who matter to you

Join us for two consecutive Masterclasses a week apart on Customer Persona focusing on the challenges of digital marketing and how to identify a profile of a product's typical customer.

Limited spaces

What to expect from this webinar

Customer Personas are used to help you understand key traits, behaviours, goals, responsibilities, and needs of a specific type of user and then look at how you will attract the best customer segments for your business.

This is a two part reservation for the events listed below.

Week 1: Tuesday 18th October 2pm - 4pm

Roddy McLean will be talking about the universal challenges of digital marketing / the importance of content marketing as a brand building tool and the corresponding need for deep understanding of the target audience followed by introduction of the audience persona roadmap process.

Week 2: Tuesday 25th October 2pm - 4pm

This will be a practical session focusing on the persona roadmap process itself and how to walk through the various steps.

Booking this event will automatically reserve your space for both webinars.

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18th October 2022

14:00 - 16:00

Angus, Dundee, Perth & Kinross



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