Branding - Your logo is just the tip of the iceberg

More than simply a name, design or symbol, a brand is the recognisable feeling a product, business or individual evokes. Learn what makes a brand and understand how to strengthen or conceive yours.

What to expect from this webinar

There is a misconception that brands are just for large corporations with even larger budgets. A brand is the way a company, organisation or individual is perceived by those who experience it.

In this session we will discuss what makes a brand and how you can break down all the elements to ensure you are speaking to your audience.

Understanding the elements that make your brand can help you look at your messaging to adapt and cope in these changing and challenging times.

We will introduce

- The Branding Iceberg

- Your brand compass

- Brand voice

- Brand Impact

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Essential Info

18th August 2020

14:00 - 15:00

Online (East Dunbartonshire)



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