Blogging for Customer Engagement

Learn about how writing a blog for your business can bring new opportunities and how to use blogs to increase customer engagement and as a result, increase sales.

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What to expect from this webinar

If you don't have a strategy that includes a business blog you are missing out.

Blogging, used correctly is a great way of bringing potential new customers to your website and a way of engaging with customers.

Come along and find out how to boost your customer reach using a business blog, find out top tips as well as information about how to ensure your blog is read by your target audiences and how you can incorporate Search Engine Optimisation into a blogging strategy.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • How social media and blogging can be used effectively to benefit your business
  • How to use blogs to improve your SEO and drive potential customers to your business
  • Key considerations that should be taken into account when writing a blog for business
  • How users interact with content when reading a blog and how this can impact how you structure and lay out of your blog.
  • The importance of understanding your customer/target audience and designing your content accordingly
  • How to use keywords, meta-data and media to get your blog noticed

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9th December 2021

13:30 - 16:30



Digital Marketing, Social Media.


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