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Attract and keep customers, through effective Advertising & Promotion. Themes covered are goal setting, your target market, engaging messages, and choosing the best media channels.

What to expect from this webinar

A workshop designed for small and medium sized business owners, to help them get and keep customers, through effective Advertising & Promotion.

The session consists of four parts, to ensure you leave the workshop with a clear approach and list of actions to implement.

  • Identifying your GOALS: defining the challenge that your Advertising & Promotion needs to solve.
  • Exploring the MARKET: getting clarity on your bullseye target customer and where best to find them. Considering what research may be needed to improve your pitch to prospect customers.
  • Crafting your MESSAGE: exploring how to build an irresistible message to engage with your prospect target customers, when advertising and promoting your business.
  • Choosing the most appropriate MEDIA channels: deciding which promotional channels will be best suited to communicate your MESSAGE, to your MARKET, for action to be taken by your prospect customers.

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16th July 2024

09:30 - 12:30



Advertising & Marketing, Growing your business.


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