7 Steps to Profitablity

The focus on many businesses is to develop their sales and improve revenue; however what really counts is the bottom line, what is the profit a business can make on those sales.

What to expect from this webinar

Many businesses need to stop and look at how they review their financial management information and consider how we can improve profits. The aim of the session is to provide the business owner with the understanding of how to change the financial process and management to deliver improved profitability.

Delegates will be walked through using a 7 steps approach,

One Outcome – More profit.

STEP 1 Know your financials

STEP 2 Control growth

STEP 3 Improve decision making

STEP 4 Opportunities

STEP 5 Cash is King

STEP 6 Controlling Change

STEP 7 PricingA 2 hour webinar which will be practical and results-oriented. Working with a set of core presentational slides the core content will be a mix of knowledge delivery, discussion and the presentation of tools and techniques to challenge the attendees current thinking of profitability in their organisation.. Participants will leave with a set of methods, tools and techniques to allow them to be implemented within their business.

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17th June 2021

10:00 - 12:00





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