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Rebuild, adapt your business and upskill with our free DigitalBoost programme. Access 1:1 digital consultancy, webinars, online support and a free digital health check. Support is available on digital marketing strategy, social media, e-commerce, cyber security and more.

Coronavirus Support

We offer free support to help your business through the coronavirus. Including 1:1 local advice, checklists and online guides. We can help with everything from switching to online platforms, business strategy, redundancy, HR, flexible working and crisis planning.

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Our free webinars and video tutorials tackle critical topics from business contingency planning, starting up in challenging times, e-commerce, social media, managing cashflow and more.

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Rebuild, adapt your business & upskill with 1:1 digital consultancy, training webinars, online support and a free health check. Support is available on digital marketing strategy, social media, e-commerce and more.

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How to start a business in challenging times

Whatever your reason for starting up a business, we can help. With local advisers, webinars and useful online support to help you get your business going. Get a head start with this short guide on key considerations.

How to diversify your small business

We focus on the ways small businesses can quickly diversify (either temporarily or more permanently) by taking a fresh look at what they do, and use it to exploit new opportunities or build greater resilience.

5 ways you can gain insights from online competitor analysis

Whatever stage your business is at, analysing your competitors can help you find opportunities and keep on top of industry trends. Here we take a look at what information you should look for and how to make the best use of free digital tools.

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Nobody knows your business like you do. But our market reports and research can keep you updated on your sector. Select yours now.