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Planning To Start

Not sure how to start up your start-up? We can help. Our free Planning To Start tool gives you an instant toolkit with key resources & information. Plus, we'll connect you with your local office for further support.

Build Business Resilience

Do you need help to manage the impact of rising costs on your business? Our one-to-one local advice, online resources and webinars are here to help your business navigate the challenges ahead.

Do More With Digital

Are you looking to expand your digital skills? Whether you want to improve your social presence or start selling online, we have webinars and online resources to help you take the next step.

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How to start a business in challenging times

Whatever your reason for starting up a business, we can help. With local advisers, webinars and useful online support to help you get your business going. Get a head start with this short guide on key considerations.

How to diversify your small business

We focus on the ways small businesses can quickly diversify (either temporarily or more permanently) by taking a fresh look at what they do, and using it to exploit new opportunities or build greater resilience.

Strategic planning: the basics

Creating a strategic plan is a key component of planning for growth. It will help prepare a realistic vision for the future of your business and in doing so can maximise your potential for growth.

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Your sector

Nobody knows your business like you do. But our market reports and research can keep you updated on your sector. Select yours now.