Coronavirus response – What to say to your customers and how

Clear, concise, frequent and transparent communication with your customers throughout the current pandemic is crucial to managing expectations and your business reputation. This video tutorial provides guidance on what to say, what channels to use and how to find the appropriate tone for your messaging.

Online Tutorial

28 min read

3 chapters

COVID-19, Crisis Management, Finance, PR & Communications


Chapter 1: Creating your COVID statement

We cover why it is important to have a clear business stance on how the crisis has affected how you deliver your product or service, where to review the latest Government guidelines and how to make this statement stand out on your channels.

Chapter 2: Communicating across your channels

We discuss what channels you should use to communicate with your customers, why this is important and how to do it, from your website and email to social media. We also discuss the importance of SEO, ensuring your customers can find your business easily when searching for the product or service your business offers.

Chapter 3: Taking the right tone in your comms

We offer tips on how to craft messages to resonate with your customers, using the most appropriate tone of voice.

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