Every business is different and we understand there will be times when you need to access specific support and expertise along the way, in order to grow.

We have a wide range of areas which we can support you on from employing people to protecting your ideas, even developing growth strategies, exporting and much more!

The list is not exhaustive, so if there are other areas where you feel your business could benefit from specialised advice, please speak to us. If the particular area of expertise is not covered by the local team we have wider networks and contacts to bring in exactly what you need.

Below you will find the most popular areas of specialist expertise that businesses in West Dunbartonshire are benefitting from right now.

Employing People

Whether you are an existing employer or you’re thinking about recruiting your first employee, our advisers are here to help! From identifying the skills you need, to assessing training requirements and other considerations for your business, they can help you understand the processes for recruitment and employment. We can help you get the maximum business benefit from your people.

Developing & Protecting Your Ideas

If you have a great idea then the first thing to do is to take advice BEFORE you tell anyone about it! We can help you understand trademarks, copyright and other areas of intellectual property in order that you can protect your ideas and inventions.

Marketing & Growing Your Sales

Understanding your market is essential for the success of any business. We can help you to develop a strategy to target your marketing resources which gives you the best possible chance of success. Good marketing will create opportunities to sell and we’ll help you to turn your enquiries into money in the bank.

Harness the Power of the Web

If your business doesn’t have a cohesive online strategy then you may well be losing out. Trading online and using social media effectively can transform your business. Our industry specialists can help you to use the web to grow your business and manage your online reputation.

Developing a Strategy for Growth

Many businesses find they experience ‘growing pains’ as they expand. Our advisers have experience of developing larger enterprises and can help you to keep the growth and momentum going. Using short, sharp, meaningful tools such as Growth Strategy Workshops and Business Development Reviews they can help you to see beyond short-term obstacles and focus on delivering real growth in your business.

Developing International Markets

Taking the first step towards trading internationally can seem daunting, but our specialists can help you to develop an effective and controlled strategy. We partner with organisations such as SmartExporter and SDI to help you target your international sales.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Reducing your overheads is essential to ensure your business can trade profitably and grow efficiently. By partnering with specialists such as the Crichton Carbon Centre, our specialists can help you manage your costs and reduce your environmental footprint.

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