Business support

Well known for working with new business start ups, Business Gateway also has an important role to help businesses grow. This website is designed to provide quick answers to the most frequently asked questions, and our team of advisers are on hand to offer their advice and expertise on everything else from expansion and growth options, to filling gaps in the market, diversification, strategic planning and much more!

Tax Guidance

Growing your business can often mean changing your tax circumstances. This section gives you access to tax tips and advice.

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Property Relocation

Advice on everything from relocation to bespoke property searches.

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Thinking about taking on an apprentice, or a new employee? Let us help you find, recruit and train your ideal candidate.

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Business Continuity Planning

Experience shows that businesses are far more likely to survive a disaster if they have thought about it in advance, and planned accordingly.

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Useful links

Business Gateway works closely with a number of providers of local services and support to West Dunbartonshire businesses.

Other Useful Local Business Connections

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