Starting your business

Starting a business is both exciting and daunting. There is a lot to be done to make sure you get your venture off to the best start, and develop a sustainable and success business. Read on to find out how we can help you with all aspects of business start-up, such as business skills training, researching, planning, financing and more.

Funding your business

Most businesses need money when starting up, and in the early stages of development. Business Gateway Highland can help you work out how to finance your idea. This includes assisting you to find the source of funding best suited to your business, know where to go for a loan, and understand how to tap into other potential sources of finance, such as grants, crowd-funding or external investment.

Entrepreneurs in Highland are also now able to access personal loans through Business Gateway to help start their own business thanks to the new government-funded Start-Up Loans scheme and through the Highland Council Loan Fund or Business Loan Scotland.

Loans are available to fund businesses that have not yet started trading, or have been trading for less than 12 months, and that cannot get finance through a bank. 

To begin, make an appointment with your local adviser. They will discuss your needs and can help you find, and apply for, the source of finance best suited to your business.

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Workshops and Events

Experience and feedback tells us that our events and workshops are great way for new business owners to learn new skills and network with other businesses and support organisations.

Over the comings weeks, we have lots of events across Highland to take you through most of the topics useful to starting-up a business.

Our 2-day Start-Up Workshops cover planning, finance, marketing and research, for example. Alternatively, we have in-depth one-day workshops covering topics such as Record Keeping and Marketing & Selling.

There's plenty to choose from, so why not check our calendar?

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Business Information

As well as equipping yourself with a business plan and updating your business skills, it is also invaluable to identify opportunities and trends in your markets, check for news from your industry and local area, and find out about potential business competitors and partners.

We are here to provide free information to help you with this. Our Business Information Service is a small team of researchers that are experts in sourcing free information from local and national government sources, industry bodies and commercial providers to help you and inform your business plan.

They can provide company and credit reports of potential partners, company lists, property searches, statistics and demographics, and much more.

Remember, this support is also available during all stages of your business development.

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