Your business idea

You have the idea but now need to turn that into reality and we can help. The sooner that you talk to an Adviser about your idea the better. We'll help you to evaluate your idea, offer you the necessary training, advice and access to quality information that will provide the foundations to your new business. You'll want to develop your business but do you have the Plan to succeed? We've assisted literally thousands of people to develop their Business Plans and would like you to benefit from that experience.

Getting your Business Plan right

A Business Plan is simply that; a plan to help you to identify where your business is going; to help you to monitor whether you are on the right track and to better understand whether you've reached your intended destination. To help you and others it's a written document and covers your business, its objectives, its strategies, its market and its financial forecasts.

The plan is there to not only help you focus, stay on track and measure success but also to let others know your thoughts such as for example if you're trying to secure external funding.

We're experts in developing Business Plans and are able to help you to prepare yours. Contact a Business Adviser today on 01382 848 406.


Workshops and Events

Business Gateway can help you achieve your goals with a programme of free, local start-up workshops and events. They're the perfect opportunity to learn the essential facts of starting up on your own and provide a chance to meet other people at a similar stage of planning their new ventures.

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Market Research

Market Research can be an invaluable tool. Our free Market Research Reports let you know what your customers want, what your competitors are offering, and even profiles the key players in your field and highlights product developments.

On top of that it can cover market size, segmentation and trends in your sector. Plus, and very importantly, they look at current issues affecting your market so you can be sure you're relevant and desirable.

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Planning your Finance

Every new business needs money when starting up. Business Gateway Tayside can help you work out how to finance your idea. This includes where to go for a loan and how to tap into other potential sources of finance, such as grants or external investment.

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Next steps?

Our Business Start-Up Workshops are a great place to begin. Book a place at one now. Or, if you prefer just give us a call for a chat and some local advice.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone 01382 848 406 or contact us by email.

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