If your business is concerned with developing Tayside's new and growing business communities we'd like to work with you. We already work with many professional service organisations including Accountants, Solicitors and Banks to help their clients to reach their fullest potential. Our expert service from experienced and qualified advisers is free, and compliments your own services.

What’s in it for you?

Business Gateway can help your clients' bottom line, and make a difference to yours, too. Our research shows there are four main benefits of working with Business Gateway (and referring your clients to use our services).

An informed client is a long-term client

By helping your clients develop the skills and knowledge they need to run a business, they're more likely to start successfully, and grow more quickly. This makes them a much more attractive proposition to you.

You can offer your clients more

Business support professionals who've worked with Business Gateway often find the rich sources of information helpful to them when working with clients. Being able to refer clients to Business Gateway, means you're also offering them added value.

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